21-23 MAY 2024


Call for Papers (CLOSED)

Welcome to the IOT Call for Content submission website: We are now open! We highly appreciate your time and effort to submit your proposal and your interest in speaking at IOTSWC 2024. Please adhere to the following guidelines before submitting your proposal.

  • The Program Committee requires all submissions to be use-case/business-case focused, highlighting measurable business outcome metrics.
  • Use cases/business cases with a confirmed customer (end-user) presenter will be scored higher in the evaluation process and therefore have a higher chance of being selected for inclusion in the program. We welcome submissions by solutions providers as long as they include an end-user presenter.
  • The “end-user,” as referred to in the term “use case” and “business case,” is the company or organization that is receiving the business value created by the IoT solution. The end-user directly benefits from the solution(s)/results, i.e., improved productivity, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, improved security, reduced costs, new revenue streams, asset management, improved safety, etc.
  • Session proposals that discuss technology but don’t illustrate real use-case/business case stories with business outcome metrics will not be evaluated.
  • Submissions must be complete as the Program Committee is considering the proposal based on the participants and the topic collectively—if any part of that is missing, they cannot make an informed review.
  • IOTSWC is committed to diversity and inclusion. You are strongly urged to consider the diversity of speakers, including gender, ethnicity, orientation, nationality, and religion, as well as the diversity of experience brought to bear by virtue of job position, responsibilities, and industry represented.

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and provide best-practice, actionable guidance that our attendees can use in their roles. Your commitment to the advancement of others is what strengthens the professionals in our industry. Good luck, and we certainly hope to see you as a speaker at IOTSWC 2024.

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